March 13, 2008

Spring Breakin. Roadtrippin. Anticipatin.

Posted in Life @ Home at 8:53 pm by ninjabish

My hearts pounding. I occasionally catch myself fidgeting as I look to the clock again…and again. Counting the hours until Panama City Beach, Florida. A vacation? I suppose in a way. Though with a group of 22 high schoolers, there won’t be a lot of “Jon & Kelly” time – and it’s also possible (though hopefully unlikely) that any of the students will make this week anything but heavenly bliss. Right now all I know is that it’s a getaway and the temperature is in the mid-70s.

Beach – check

Friends – check

Cornhole – check

Hours and hours of video gaming – check

You (reader) beginning to understand why I’m going nuts waiting for this trip. It’s gonna be bad to the bone.

I’ll be sure to update pics of me progressively getting more tan next week. For all you out there – have a great Holy Week. You’ve heard the story before, but imagine experiencing it again…for the first time. God’s love is indescribable.


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